Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb
Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb
soothing bath bomb
soothing bath bomb
Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb
Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb

Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb

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Whether a weekend warrior or a daily fitness buff, sometimes your body just needs some recovery time from sore muscles, aches, and pains!

 4.2 oz | 119 gm


Go hard and then go soak with Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb!  Each individually wrapped bath bomb is packed with full-spectrum CBD from Hemp and a proprietary medley of the best quality organic essential oils and restorative ingredients.

Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb is a powerful blend of full-spectrum Hemp-derived Cannabinoid Complex (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBV, CBDA, CBGA) offering optimal wellness benefits.  When you buy CBD bath bombs from our collection, you will discover a fast-acting combination of full-spectrum CBD plus best-quality organic essential oils and other beneficial ingredients like Lavender, Camphor, Sweet Marjoram and more. 

All Madrigal Creatives products are non-psychoactive, non-GMO and contain no artificial fillers or synthetic chemicals. They are also completely cruelty-free.

Suggested Use

Drop into warm bath water, watch the fizz and experience healing relief from sore muscles plus an overall sense of well-being.  For best effect, soak for 20 minutes.  (Use as soon after a workout or stressful event as possible.)


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, coconut oil, arnica oil, full-spectrum hemp-derived concentrated CBD, Frankincense, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Camphor, and Ginger.

Reasons to Love It

Nothing feels better than a healing soak to banish sore muscles and get your "go" back!

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