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Cellular aging, outside environmental forcespollutants, and day-to-day stress are just some of the factors that disrupt our body’s homeostasis to cause poor-quality sleep, anxiety and inflammatory conditions like stiffness and muscle sorenessall impacting our ability to live our lives to the fullest.
Our founder, Kendra Clark, stood by as her husband made an amazing recovery from a broken neck that only two percent of the population survive.
Faced with the need to help him through his health journey, juggle her role as a busy mom of two active boys and corporate attorney, and try to“fit in” the things that she knew she needed to find needed balance in her life, like running and playing polo, Kendra took a step back and asked herself: Are were ally living our best life? Are we managing pain in the smartest and most effective way? Are we getting enough of the “right” sleep to stay energized? Are we handling stress well enough to not only “get through”daily life, but to really love every second?
The answer to each question was “No.” And that’s what inspired her to begin a new quest.
She devoted herself to finding answers and began to deeply research all forms of health and wellnessfrom studying medical and scientific journals, ancient herbal remedies, and holistic medicine to interviewing experts in wide-ranging fields.Understanding the intricacies of how the body and mind work became her passion and formed the fabric of her “new” life.
It was on this immersive journey that she discovered the amazing power of cannabidiol (CBDand shifted her entire career away from corporate law to learn moreInstead, she began working for a firm that gave her access to cutting-edge research, industry veteranspolicymakers, and stakeholders in the cannabis and hemp industries. She voraciously absorbed incredible amounts of information and quickly became known herself as an expert in the field. At the same time, she became aware that the full promise of CBD was not being met. As an industryit had become so commercialized that product qualityefficacy and innovation were being abandoned in exchange for cheap products and easy sales. The devastating result was that the far-reaching benefits of CBD were being denied to the very people who needed them most. The beneficial properties and therapeutic uses of full spectrum cannabidiol were not being realized and were certainly not being made available. Sadly, consumers were being introduced to inferior products, which in turn had led to low information, and even lowered expectations.
Kendra began leveraging her connections to source the best-quality CBD and to tap the best scientists and resources in the industry.The next phase of her quest had begun in earnest:experimenting with product formulation, research and development. The team focused on products that were innovative, met individualized needs, were easily integrated into wellness routines, and most of allwere effective.Then came the next phase: consumer testing. Kendra was able to work with users who were experiencing debilitating pain from fibromyalgia, exercise injuries and chronic back or knee pain. Others suffered from sleep problems, lackluster skinanxiety, and stress. Thtesting phase lasted a full eighteen months and at its conclusion, final formulations for the Madrigal Creatives initial product line were complete.
Ultimately,Madrigal Creatives was launched with a full product collection, including some first ever products for the industry. Additional products are already in various stages of development, and Kendra is looking forward to debuting them in 2020.
All Madrigal Creatives CBD infused products meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry, and quality is 100 percent guaranteed. Ingredients are all natural, organic, non-GMO, cruelty-free and contain no synthetic chemicals, solventsor artificial colors.Products are created with only one purpose in mind: to enable Madrigal Creatives consumers to feel better, stronger, and better able to live their day-to-day lives to their fullest. In other words, to experience the benefits of Living More.

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