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Unwrap, unwind and unplug with Aaah Soothing Hemp Bath Bomb.  Restore life’s balance and experience the ultimate in soothing tranquility.  Our bath bomb recipe is unique.  Each de-stressing bath bomb is packed with full-spectrum CBD from hemp and a powerful, relaxing combination of the best quality organic essential oils and restorative ingredients that combat stress, anxiety and promote a welcome sense of calm.  The result?  You’re back to being you: Relaxed and loving life!

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Aaah Soothing Hemp Bath Bomb

Relax and rebalance with Soothe Hemp Body Spray.  Our innovative topical spray combines premium full-spectrum Cannabinoid Complex from hemp (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBV, CBDA, CBGA) with Natural Terpenes, best-of-class organic essential oils, other beneficial ingredients known for their calming properties plus rapidly-absorbed Magnesium.

More than just an essential oil body spray, or just a Magnesium oil body spray, our fast-acting, full-spectrum Hemp CBD body mist spray contains a powerful combination of  pure ingredients that allow you to experience the ultimate in relaxation and overall well-being while soothing, hydrating and refreshing your skin.

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Soothe Hemp Body Spray

Stay Chill and Sleep Better with Calm Hemp Spray.  Our innovative spray combines full-spectrum Cannabinoid Complex from hemp (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBV, CBDA, CBGA) with Natural Terpenes and other natural ingredients carefully selected to de-stress and promote a sense of calm, anti-anxiety and relaxation.

It’s fast-acting and goes anywhere with you.  Experience the ultimate in tranquility and calm during the day, and ease into gentle sleep at bedtime with this safe spray.  Unlike marijuana spray or cannabis spray, Calm Hemp Spray is non-THC and not psychoactive so it won’t mess with your mind.  What it will do is offer a way to de-stress and deliver a relaxed sense of calm.

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Calm Hemp Spray

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