Winter Tips to Soothe Hard-Working Outdoor Hands

Your flower beds are mulched, the bulbs are tucked in deep, leaves are raked up and bagged, and winter’s chill has set in.  But wait, your hands look as dry as cracked desert soil and as rough as a prickly pear. It’s time to act.  

Dry and cracked skin, the hands of a dedicated outdoor enthusiast, can be salvaged with just a little care. If you thought you would never again be able to give a confident handshake without revealing your secret passion for digging in the soil, here are three top tips sure to soothe, soften and repair. 

  1. Select and Use the Right Gloves
    Be sure to wear gloves before you start digging, pulling and toiling outdoors. Using gloves, and choosing the right ones, will defend your hands from cuts, callouses and dry skin.  Not all gloves are created equal. The trick is finding a pair that provide protection, keep excess moisture at bay and at the same time allow your skin to breathe (excess sweating inside an unbreathable shell contributes to chaffing and dryness). 
  2. Remove Build-Up with a Gentle Scrub
    A build-up of dirt under and around nails and in the fine cracks on the surface of your skin can irritate and inhibit healthy cell renewal.  A gentle moisturizing scrub will loosen everything while also providing nourishment. Avoid harsh scrubs laden with chemicals that strip natural oils from your skin.  Instead try our Madrigal Creatives Shine CBD-Infused Body Scrub.  It’s an all-natural skin scrub made from ultra-fine organic walnut shell powder that provides gentle exfoliation.  It’s also packed with healthful Vitamin B, soothing essential oils of Jojoba and Rosehip seed, Lavender and Chamomile water, plus skin regenerating Alpha Hydroxy Acid – all carefully selected to restore moisture, heal and provide soothing relief to dry and tired hands.  Plus, if you haven’t yet tried CBD personal care products, you’re in for a treat.  Full-spectrum CBD from hemp provides a wide-range of plant-powered health and wellness benefits. 
  3. Moisturize
    Every time you wash your hands, follow up with a rich hand cream or oil. Regular hand washing can result in a cycle of dehydration that can be tough to break, especially if your skin is naturally dry.  Arm yourself with a good-quality cream with natural oils or select an oil designed to penetrate quickly and deeply.  Madrigal Creatives also offers a great CBD natural oil in our Relieve Plus! Pain and Wellness Roll-On.  Its natural oil base of arnica helps reduce inflammation while the healing CBD Oil Complex with essential fatty acids and terpenes moisturize and repair. (Madrigal Creatives products are specially formulated with ultra-pure organic ingredients and botanicals specially curated for their hydrating, soothing and healthful support.)  

Working outdoors boosts mood and soothes the soul.  But don’t let those hard-working hands pay the price!  Reward them with a few simple steps that restore and repair.