Ultimate Bath Guide for Men - Why Men Are Discovering the The Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs and a Soak

If you’re a guy, have you thought about baths lately? For most men, if you’re not a professional athlete, you likely haven’t.  For some reason, men don’t generally think about taking baths.  It may be due to the time commitment, bathtub size, or long held beliefs that men don’t take baths.  But if you have an initial aversion to baths, like Doug Blumenthal, a Spartan Racer and Madrigal Creatives brand ambassador, it’s time to share what women have known for centuries - baths are incredible.  And CBD baths are even better. 

Getting clean and feeling relaxed are just two of the many benefits of submerging yourself in the tub. Yes, a soothing soak is known to wash away the stress of the day, but as Doug can now attest, there’s so much more to baths than that.  Fifteen to twenty minutes in a relaxing bath is all it takes to  soothe achy muscles, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure. It can also improve sleep, eliminate toxins, and ease symptoms of the common cold.  

Baths are often prescribed to ease pain and aid in recovery (which is why professional athletes are such big fans). “I broke my neck in a serious accident,” says Brad Ramsby, former professional polo player and rancher.   “Baths relax my body and remove tension around all of the stressed muscles in my neck and back – for me,  it’s the ultimate way to relieve pain and discomfort.”  Seeing the therapeutic effects of baths firsthand turned Brad into a lifelong “bath enthusiast.”

But you don’t have to be a professional athlete or need chronic relief from pain to enjoy the benefits of a bath.  “The steam initiated by the use of essential oils provides an incredible therapeutic effect on your physical and mental well-being,” says bath product formulator Jay Clark. “By combining carefully selected botanicals, baths can become the ultimate in reducing stress, managing anxiety and repairing the body.” 

According to Kendra Clark, co-founder of Madrigal Creatives, a leading CBD personal care and lifestyle brand, taking baths is a trend that’s on the rise for men.  “Although most any bath will contribute to enhancing your well-being, men are discovering that the addition of carefully chosen bath products can offer increased healing and restorative benefits that make the investment of  15 or 20 minutes well worth the effort,” she said. 

Here are Kendra’s top suggestions to ensure your bath experience delivers optimal benefits.

  • Warm Water Is Best

Unless you are using an ice bath for therapeutic reasons, the temperature of bath water is largely your own choice.  But keep in mind that if you are using any sort of bath product that contains high quality essential oils, you will want the bath to steam a bit in order to release the oils.  The ideal temperature for bath water is about two degrees higher than normal body temperature, which is typically 98.6 degrees F. This means ideal bath water temperature should be approximately 100.6 degrees F.

  •     Create the Perfect Setting to Relax During Your Bath

An ultimate bath experience incorporates all of your senses as we discuss in our article on Easy Steps to Create a Home Spa Experience.  Integrate elements that are pleasing to your senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.  Bring in some music, dim the lights, set out some good quality, thirsty towels and perhaps enjoy a refreshing glass of CBD-infused water or other beverage to sip on (Calm Water Soluble Spray is easy to do for this!).  Remember too, your sense of smell is a powerful neurotransmitter to your brain.  Different botanicals work on different nerve pathways to trigger specific therapeutic responses, like relaxation.  Finally, don’t overload your visual circuitry by reading text messages or playing games.  Leave your phone or other devices off.  The goal is to fully decompress, heal, and optimize the experience.

  • Don’t Rush – Relax!!

If you’re used to showers, a bath can feel slow and perhaps time-wasting. To realize the countless benefits from a bath, you need to commit. Allow yourself to soak, really soak for a good 15 to 20 minutes.  It takes about that amount of time for the minerals, botanicals, and oils to absorb into your body and achieve best results.   

Relax.  There is a reason baths are a major tenet of self-care:  they require you to place a singular focus on  Y-O-U. For some, and especially these days, this can be a hard concept to wrap your mind around.  But don’t forget that when your mind is relaxed and your body feels better, you will be restored and ready to take on more.  At Madrigal Creatives, this is what we call experiencing the benefits of Living More.

  • Add Something Special to Your Bath

Finally, our favorite part.  There are plenty of things you can add to bath water to make it more therapeutic and relaxing.  The key components are quality and function.  Adding essential oils to a bath can turn on the aromatherapeutic aspects in a variety of ways.  For example, Tea Tree essential oil is antibacterial, Lavender relaxes, and others, like Ginger, have incredible anti-inflammatory properties.  CBD concentrate is another natural, plant-based power-player that when released in the tub, brings a wide-range of its own restorative and healing benefits.  

At Madrigal Creatives, we have developed two unique and proprietary formulations for products designed for the bath.  Each combine ultra-pure essential oils and botanicals plus 100 mg full-spectrum CBD concentrate derived from heirloom quality hemp strains. 

The first, Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb, is geared toward ideal recovery from muscle soreness, aches, and generalized pain.  It’s a powerful blend of full-spectrum Cannabinoid Complex (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBV, CBDA, CBGA) for optimal healing and overall wellness benefits.  Oooh CBD Bath Bomb offers so much more than products that simply add CBD to Epsom salts.  Each bath bomb contains botanicals and functional ingredients, at active levels, selected for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties like Frankincense, Rosemary, Peppermint, Camphor and Ginger.  Together with our branded CBD, this bath bomb delivers the serious relief and reinvigoration. 

The second, Aaah CBD Soothing CBD Bath Bomb, is designed to provide unparalleled relaxation to help soothe mind, body, and spirit.  It blends full-spectrum Cannabinoid Complex with calming  essential oils and botanicals specifically intended to relax, restore, and repair.  Among these are aromatic Eucalyptus, relaxing Lavender, healing Tea Tree Oil, and essential oils of Rosemary and Marjoram – both known for their positive effects on the nervous system.  Nothing will feel better than a de-stressing and soothing bath that lets you fully relax and say “Aaah.”

Doug Blumenthal, the Spartan Racer mentioned earlier in this blog, reports that he regularly uses both Oooh and Aaah CBD bath bombs depending on what his body needs.  “As a super competitive guy, I feel like bath bombs are my secret weapon for race preparation and for quick recovery when I’m faced with back-to-back race days,” he says.  According to Doug, “I wasn’t normally a bath guy until I discovered these – one has powerful restorative capabilities while the other offers superior anti-inflammatory relief, so I’d never race without them.”

Experience the benefits of Living More with a hot bath and Oooh and Aaah CBD Infused Bath Bombs from Madrigal Creatives.  Questions?  Just email us at support@MadrigalCreatives.com