Top Five Tips for Lip Care and Kissable Lips (Ultimate Kissable Lips Guide)

We love lips and are excited to find so many treatment options coming to market to care and protect lips and make them the most kissable ever.  Why not?  We buy loads of products for our face so it makes sense that our lips receive similar attention.                                 

Lips are even more deserving of that attention, after all lips are exposed to the elements and will also show general signs of aging like other skin on our body.  Given that our lips are an amazing part of our body and just as exposed as our face to cold, wind and sun, dry or chapped lips are the bane of many of our lives.  More moisture ends up being lost through our lips than any other part of our body! 

Lips also lose collagen as we age.  Collagen is the naturally-occurring substance that keeps your skin firm, smooth and full of volume.  And as you age, the rate at which you produce collagen plummets, which can lead to thinner lips and more wrinkles. 

It is important to find ways to stimulate the production of collagen and keep lips moist to look plump and youthful.  Here are our top five tips for getting those healthy, smooth and kissable lips.

  1. Eat Foods High in Sulfur

According to SitiMEd Spa in San Diego, sulfur aids in the production of collagen, so eating foods high in sulfur is beneficial to your lips. Some foods that are high in sulfur include cabbage, garlic, beans, cucumber, asparagus and Kale.

  1. Stay Hydrated.

One of the simplest ways to boost collagen in your lips is by making sure you are always properly hydrated.  Drinking plenty of water creates a more fruitful environment for collagen to succeed and keeps lips moist.

  1. Get a Daily Dose of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps with the collagen production process.  Vitamin C can be ingested or applied topically.  Foods that are high in vitamin C include citrus fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach and kiwi.  Look for natural topical lip moisturizers and serums like Nourish, from Madrigal Creatives, that are high in vitamin C.  Nourish features Strawberry seed oil that is high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, A and E. 

  1. Use Red Light Therapy.

Research is showing that infrared light therapy increases collagen production in the skin and joints.  We are a huge fan of the JOOVV light.  Infrared penetrates the skin and goes to a deeper level than red light and stimulates collagen production in the muscles, bones and joints as well.  As Joovv explains on their site, exposing the skin to natural light and infrared light boosts natural collagen and is a well researched topic.  

5) Ellagic Acid.  Say good bye to lip balms laden with petroleum and chemicals.  Instead, look for lip care and lip treatment products like Nourish Lip Serum with Ellagic Acid.  As we note in our Blog on the Benefits of Strawberry Seed Oil and Why You Should Add it to Your Lip Treatment Routine, we discussed a study done in April 2009 researchers at Hallym University in the Republic of Korea where researchers discovered that Ellagic acid, an acid found in nut, fruits, and vegetables keeps skin young and actually prevents collagen breakdown in the skin.  Researchers demonstrated that the application of Ellagic acid extracts keeps skin more youthful by preventing collagen breakdown under the skin.  As a bonus, Ellagic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and prevents damage from ultraviolet radiation. The study showed that skin care products containing Ellagic acid provide many benefits such as reducing wrinkles, promoting collagen production and providing protection from sun damage.