Top 3 Tips for Men – What to Look For in an Ideal Lip Care Product

Men, like women, can forget the importance of lip repair and soothed, healthy lips. If you have carefully selected your other personal care products, and have established a routine that works for you, why not include the thin skin around your mouth?  Many think lip care means applying heavy balms that essentially form a barrier over the lips to protect against environmental factors like sun, wind and cold.  However, they aren’t necessarily designed to heal and repair the lips.

Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, commented in Men’s Health Magazine that “lip balms are designed to form a seal over the skin to maintain barrier function, enhance hydration, and protect the lips from the environment.”  

New products entering the marketplace are designed to work harder than just cover the lips with a shield.  Although they provide these benefits, they also focus on healing to promote, on an ongoing basis, that healthy, smooth, youthful smile. 

Here are the top three features to look for in a lip care product:


  • Healing Ingredients.  Look for ingredients that will penetrate deep into lips rather than just “cover” them with petroleum or similar barriers.  To truly heal lips you need a product that absorbs deep into cells to deliver healing healthy oils and botanicals. 


  • Avoid Artificial Ingredients. Avoid anything that can cause skin irritation such as salicylic acid, camphor, mentholatum, and artificial fragrance.  These artificial ingredients are added to many products to give an impression that they work hard.  However, many simply serve as irritants.  Others are actually carcinogenic that will not only be absorbed by the skin but also ingested. 



As we discuss in another Ingredient Spotlight on the power of Strawberry Seed Oil.  Researchers at South Korea’s Hallym University demonstrated that the application of ellagic acid – most prevalent in strawberry seed oil – prevented collagen breakdown under the skin.  Ellagic acid delivers an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and prevents damage from ultraviolet radiation.  The study showed that skincare products containing ellagic acid provide many benefits such as reducing wrinkles, promoting collagen production and smoothing, softening and moisturizing lips.

If you are serious about lip health, consider Nourish CBD Infused Lip Serum from Madrigal Creatives.  Our breakthrough lip treatment formulation blends full-strength, full spectrum hemp-derived CBD Oil Concentrate, enriching strawberry seed oil with ellagic acid, and vitamins A, B, C & E. Loaded with healing antioxidants and natural emollients, Nourish’s CBD Infused Lip Serum offers easy glide-on application delivers superb moisture and smooth, so-healthy lips.