CBD Update: Water Soluble Hemp Concentrate

At Madrigal Creatives,  we have thoughtfully considered the various forms of hemp concentrate and the technologies available and have selected the particular form of hemp concentrate to provide the most superior potency and efficacy in our product offerings.  For instance, all of our topical products use full-spectrum hemp concentrate derived from heirloom hemp varieties from Europe specifically selected for their high anti-inflammatory properties, CBD content and robust cannabinoid and terpene profile.  Whereas, with respect to our ingestible products, we attempted to find the best available full-spectrum hemp concentrate grown and produced in the U.S. and we sought out technology to make it the most bio-available in order to more efficiently serve our bodies.  That search revealed that full-spectrum, water soluble hemp concentrate was far superior for ingestible product applications.

Why Full-Spectrum, Water Soluble CBD for ingestible products?

In short, more bioavailability.  Bioavailability is the fraction or percent of the drug that reaches systemic circulation within the body where it can deliver the intended effects.  For example, a drug taken intravenously is 100% bioavailable to the body as it has not gone through what is referred to as first pass metabolism but is directly delivered into systemic circulation.  On the other hand, an oral medication will typically have to go through first pass metabolism, meaning that the drug needs to go through the lumen of the GI tract and then the hepatic vein which carries items to the liver and then gets to systemic circulation where it will finally be able to achieve its designed effects.  Since the liver is responsible for metabolizing the drug, much of the drug taken orally ends up being destroyed by the liver.  A heavy first pass effect results in little of the drug getting into systemic circulation.  A good example of a product with a heavy first pass effect is oil-based hemp concentrate and terpenes.

Estimates vary, but bioavailability is very low for cannabinoids and terpenes in general since they have a heavy first pass effect, and infused edible products are the worst.  It has been determined that typically less than 20% of the cannabinoids taken in an edible reach systemic circulation.  This essentially means that the remainder of approximately 80% of the cannabinoids are not received into systemic circulation and, therefore, are not utilized by the body.*

To avoid the heavy first pass effect of orally administered CBD and terpenes, scientists have developed a manufacturing process to turn oil soluble cannabinoids into water soluble cannabinoids.  This is accomplished by coating or surrounding the molecules  water loving particles via mixing, or other techniques, resulting in a reduced particle size and allowing the cannabinoids and terpenes to cross cell membranes easier to avoid the first pass metabolism.  As a result, bioavailability is far superior.  Estimated at an increase of 10 times, meaning one can take far less of a water soluble hemp concentrate which includes CBD and terpenes, to get a greater effect.  In effect, 10mg of CBD would produce the same effect as 100mg worth of oil-based tinctures from our FDA and GMP compliant process.  The true manifestation of less equals more, allowing you to live more.