CBD Update: Meet Four Dogs Who Learned CBD Benefits Are for Dogs Too!

Pet’s and CBD – some background

As with people, every pet is different and finding the right dosage of CBD is critical. In addition, CBD for dogs comes in various formulations — there are CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD, topicals, CBD tinctures, CBD oil for dogs, CBD spray, CBD dog treats and -- oh my, all these choices make it hard to compare CBD pet products and establish correct dosages.

What we know for sure is that all mammals are wired with an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that’s intimately connected to mood, pain signaling, metabolism and a host of other processes.  CBD supplements help people and pets in the same way: by stimulating the endocannabinoid system.

Important note:  Use extreme care when purchasing CBD products for your pets.  THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, can make animals very sick and uncomfortable.  Do not administer “people cannabis products” to your best buddy or kitty.  Instead, look for CBD (ideally derived from hemp) products formulated specifically for pets. 

Meet Anza – from limping to loving life

When faithful family member Anza could not overcome a persistent limp without prescription medications, her family searched for other approaches.  To them, it seemed that the stress on the liver and other bodily functions with consistent use of prescription medication was not a logical answer.

Anza, a 7-year-old Kane Corso Italian Mastiff, was taken to the vet by her concerned owners, and based on the symptoms she presented, was diagnosed with advanced arthritis of the knee.

The vet prescribed a regimen of pain meds but instead her owners elected to try the Madrigal Creatives dog pain product containing CBD complex derived from hemp, plus a combination of other beneficial ingredients like Boswellia, MSM and Yucca, all known for their powerful natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief attributes. 

With regular use of Pain Relieve Plus for Dogs, Anza is now much happier, and her limp has disappeared.  She’s now able to play fetch and other games in her yard again and join her active family for short hikes.   

Anza’s owners were so intrigued by the benefits of her experience that both parents added CBD “people products” to their health regimen.  One, a former professional polo player, says a few Madrigal Creatives CBD sprays daily helps alleviate pain and inflammation from old injuries.

Meet Oliver – nervous no more

Oliver’s owner loves to travel.  She originally selected Oliver, a darling little Havanese puppy so she could take him on the road.  Oliver fits easily into a travel carrier,  but much to his dismay discovered that on flights the carrier needed to stay under the seat.  And, although still somewhat close to his owner, Oliver quickly developed dog separation anxiety.  This, in turn, caused his owner to experience severe angst as well in the close quarters of the plane.

Oliver’s owner experimented with various dog anxiety medication typically prescribed for separation anxiety in dogs, but Oliver was so small that the medicine just made him feel “down.”

So, Oliver’s owner decided to experiment.  Originally, she tried CBD dog treats but found they were not effective quickly enough or targeted enough to treat his anxiety.  She did further research about how to help a dog with separation anxiety. 

Upon discovering chicken-flavored Calm Anti-Anxiety Spray for Dogs, she found the perfect solution.  On the first trial, Oliver relaxed for the entire flight.  His owner was overjoyed.  Now Calm Anti-Anxiety Spray for Dogs is a part of their regular travel routine and the owner and Oliver are a happy-go-lucky travel team.

Meet Dottie – saved from seizures

Despite vets’ reluctance to talk openly about it, dog lovers are already widely using CBD to treat a range of issues.

Meet Dottie, another pooch that has given CBD for dogs a try.

Dottie’s owner, Mindy, will be the first to tell you that she is a voracious researcher.  So, when her aged rescue, Dottie, started having seizures, she did intensive research on solutions.  Willing to try anything, she came across CBD for dogs and discovered an abundant array of medical studies about use of CBD to treat kids with seizures.

Dottie’s vet seemed to not care one way or another about CBD for dogs, so Mindy started adding a CBD oil to her daily medicine regimen.  And to her relief, it seemed to make a significant difference in the frequency and severity of the seizures.  Mindy now offers Dottie CBD dog treats and CBD spray.  Mindy believes the CBD connects with Dottie’s natural Endocannabinoid System bolstering her internal health and enhancing the efficacy of her medication.  

Note:  Check with your vet if you have questions about the proper CBD dosages for dogs who are also being treated with other prescriptions.

Meet Belle – OK with thunderstorms after all

Belle is a loyal and lovable West Highland White Terrier, in a tiny package.  At just 14 pounds, this normally bouncing and happy 10-year old would cry and get herself all worked up into a furry ball of pet anxiety every time a thunderstorm hit.

Out of frustration, her owner took her to the vet, who prescribed anti-anxiety medication.  This solution didn’t work.  In pill form, the medicine took too long to take effect.  And just as concerning, it just made her groggy and passive and took forever to “wear off.” 

Her owner then decided to try our Calm CBD dog anti-anxiety spray, and the outcome was  amazing.  The spray had a great taste and was easy to administer, so the hassle of swallowing a pill when already anxious was eliminated.  Because the formulation is water soluble, the spray was quickly absorbed and worked fast.  Rather than becoming listless and tired as with the pills, little Belle just calmed down.  She was still her happy self but calm.    

Belle’s dog anxiety is now happily managed.  And when storms appear on the horizon, her owners just administer 1-2 easy sprays.  She no longer shakes uncontrollably or cowers under a desk.  Instead, Belle is “herself” when the storms rage, to her family’s relief.