CBD Update: How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog or Cat?

As with people, every one of our pet friends is different and has different needs.  Finding the right dosage of CBD is critical based on type of pet, breed, body size and health and wellness need.  CBD comes in various formulations, from isolate or full-spectrum CBD to topicals, tinctures, oils, sprays and edibles. 

The bioavailability of the CBD product you choose for your pet is an important consideration. In the simplest terms, bioavailability means the percent of the substance that reaches systemic circulation within the body where it can deliver the most beneficial effects.  For example, a supplement taken intravenously is 100% bioavailable to the body as it has not gone through what is referred to as first pass metabolism; it is directly delivered into systemic circulation.  On the other hand, a solid supplement, taken orally, will typically go through first pass metabolism – meaning the supplement needs to go through the GI tract and the liver first – before it proceeds into systemic circulation where it will finally become available.  Because the liver is responsible for filtering, it further destroys a percentage before bioavailability is achieved.  

Oral CBD products whose formulations are not water soluble, such as oils and tinctures, also become heavily metabolized and result in limited efficacy.  In fact, it has been determined that typically less than 20 percent of the cannabinoids from CBD oils actually reach systemic circulation.  The remaining 80 percent is not utilized by the body.  This means benefits are lost, or higher levels or more frequent dosing becomes necessary.

While we love CBD oil for topical applications, when it comes to getting the most efficacy from ingestible full-spectrum Hemp CBD for dogs and cats, we asked our biochemists to focus specifically on the development of superior water soluble sprays.   Our goal was to ensure that a few easy, quickly absorbed sprays into the pet’s mouth would avoid product degradation from first pass metabolism and deliver high-potency, fast-acting results.  

We now offer two unique lines of specially formulated water soluble full-spectrum CBD sprays for dogs and cats.  The first is Relieve Plus Pain and Wellness Spray – one for cats and one for dogs.  The other is our Calm Anti-Anxiety Spray with, again, one for cats and one for dogs.  Our pet pain relief products are specially formulated with water soluble CBD complex and terpenes, plus other beneficial ingredients, such as MSM and Yucca, which combined address pet pain, inflammation and general wellness.  Our pet anxiety formulation also contains water soluble CBD complex and terpenes plus other carefully selected ingredients chosen for their stress-relieving and health benefits. 

Combined, they work together to address pet separation anxiety, general pet stress and to promote positive pet behavior and good health. 

Madrigal Creatives water soluble formulations are about 8 times more effective than CBD oil-based formulations and, as a result, are very cost effective.  Products are chicken-flavored, which is a treat for both dogs and cats, and our easy spray application will provide relief from pet symptoms of pain and anxiety without a mess. 

With respect to dosages, our CBD pet products clearly show the desired dosage right on the labels.  Dosages are supported by science and are carefully calculated based on your pet’s weight.  For example, for both sprays for dogs, the suggested dosages are 1-2 sprays daily for up to 25 pounds, 2-3 sprays daily for 26 to 100 pounds and 3-4 sprays two times daily for dogs weighing more than 100 pounds.  For our cat products, we similarly provide the dosage on the bottle based on weight  with suggested use of 1-2 sprays daily under 25 pounds and 2-3 sprays daily for larger cates weighing over 25 pounds.  Please note that products are recommended for full-grown dogs and cats, not for puppies or kittens.   

All people and animals are unique, so as always, if you have questions, we recommend you consult your veterinarian.