CBD Update: CBD and Your Furry Best Friends

Did you know that the same full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) that helps we humans manage pain, restore calm and achieve a greater sense of wellness can also be a boon for our furry friends? 

Just like us, animals have naturally-occurring cannabidiol receptors within their bodies, called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  The receptors are ready to bind with flavonoids, natural terpenes, cannabinoids and other health-giving resources derived from the hemp plant. 

Researchers, veterinarians and pet owners alike have found that CBD for dogs and cats has exceptional health benefits.

Help Fido and Kitty Stay Calm

Car horns and traffic, long car rides, thunder and lightning and other stressful events can cause your pet to become fearful, anxious and hyperactive.  The “fight or flight” instinct can overtake your pet’s normal behavior, causing difficulties like uncontrollable shaking, disorientation, nervous aggression and more.  Separation anxiety in dogs and cat anxiety can also be a problem for those who have to leave their four pawed friends alone.  Sadly, your pet’s struggles can lead to a feeling of helplessness and an inability to provide real comfort or aid.

The good news today is that research has shown that the same anti-anxiety benefit that CBD offers humans, is also beneficial for our pets. 

And thankfully, full-spectrum CBD is available today in a water-soluble form, meaning it can be ingested and more quickly absorbed and, therefore, faster acting.  And remember, CBD derived from Hemp concentrate is not psychoactive.   

CBD Pain Relief and Restorative Support

CBD is also lauded for its anti-inflammatory properties, relieving pain and stiffness in humans, from athletes to the elderly.  Pets who are in pain can experience the same benefits from CBD.  One study, for example, undertaken at Cornell University,  evaluated dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis.  Researchers discovered that dogs receiving CBD every 12 hours over a four-week period demonstrated a measurable decrease in pain and an increase in activity compared to dogs receiving a placebo.

Another benefit of CBD, it’s a natural and safe compound without the harmful side effects that could come from prescription medications. 


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