CBD-Infused Exfoliation with CBD Body Scrub – How to Get that Body Glow Going

Do you feel like your skin has lost its glow?  This can be the result of many factors including age, exposure to UV rays and changes of the seasons.   Although there could be a variety of factors contributing to a lackluster complexion, they can thankfully be turned around.  And proper exfoliation is the first key and CBD body scrub maybe the answer. 

When most people think about exfoliation, they think about applying a textured compound to the skin.  This is because exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and oil on the surface of the skin to help clear the way for refreshed skin underneath.  Having too many layers of congested surface skin cells can compromise skin health and lead to dull, dry, irritated skin.  Removing the build-up gently and effectively is imperative. 

However, not all exfoliating products are created equal.  Some exfoliants are harsh and can damage the skin’s ability to produce its protective barrier.  The outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, is actually a layer of flattened skin cells that are encased in fat.  This layer works to keep moisture inside the skin and irritants out.  If the barrier is compromised, skin is prone to irritation, dryness and an unhealthy appearance.  If an exfoliant scrub is too abrasive, the build-up is removed but so is the all-important protective barrier, leaving skin with micro tears that expose it to harmful irritants and potential damage.   

Alpha Hydroxy Acid also plays a role in healthy exfoliation.  It’s a plant-based acidic compound that acts to naturally “unglue” the bonds holding dull, dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.  When those bonds are broken—gently and evenly—skin naturally sheds its spent cells leaving way for the new cells underneath.   

During the exfoliation process, the protective natural oils produced by our skin are reduced.  These protect the skin from outside forces that cause irritation and damage.  It’s critical to rehydrate and moisturize skin during exfoliation so it can continue to function properly, maintaining its natural ability to heal and repair.  Interestingly, this is where the magic of full spectrum CBD from hemp comes in and why we added CBD to our Shine! our CBD body scrub.  Full-spectrum CBD hemp oil contains complex cannabinoids and natural essential fatty acids that together are ultra-hydrating and help to lock in moisture, soothe skin cells and promote healthy ongoing skin cell turnover and repair.  Buy CBD cosmetics products to amplify the effects of standard exfoliation products today to get that youthful skin you have been seeking.  

Madrigal Creatives has formulated a uniquely effective CBD-infused body polish and exfoliant called Shine!  Power-packed with full-spectrum hemp oil concentrate it also incorporates mega-fine walnut shell polishing and exfoliating powder, antioxidants, essential oils and alpha hydroxy acids.  This carefully crafted combination results in a super gentle body polish that dissolves impurities, ensures optimal hydration, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy skin cell turnover and maintains a healthy protective barrier, that you too can experience when you buy CBD skincare products like Shine!  Skin feels soothed, moisturized and radiant. Buy CBD cosmetics products today and experience the benefits of Living More.