Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Athletes - Five Stocking Stuffers for the Athletes in Your Life

Whether your loved ones are training for the next Spartan race or just love weekend walks, they will love a fun stocking filled with joy and useful items to inspire and keep them feeling their best so they can continue to be active in whatever way they choose.  But finding items that are inexpensive, useful, and actually fit into a stocking can be challenging.

We looked at hundreds of stocking stuffers and noted a few things that make the best stocking stuffers or gifts for that matter. 

  • Compact size. We all know that we only have so much space to play with here.
  • Thoughtful.  There are ton of items that can be garnered that end going into the trash as quickly as the wrapping paper. A thoughtful item will be cherished and used with appreciation.


Get inspired with five of our most beloved products that will suit the active athlete in your life.

  • OOOH Recovery Bath Bomb. Made for amplified recovery so that those in your life can Go hard and then go soak with Oooh Recovery CBD Bath Bomb Each individually wrapped bath bomb is packed with full-spectrum CBD from Hemp and a proprietary medley of the best quality organic essential oils and restorative ingredients and are the perfect fit for any stocking.  Show the man or woman in your life that you see their hard work and care about their recovery with OOOH.
  • Nourish CBD Infused Lip Oil.  Is the Active in your life with Plagued by dry, chapped, or not-so-nice lips? Say bye-bye to lip balm and it’s nasty ingredients and lock in moisture and soothing emollients with Nourish CBD Infused Lip Oil. Our breakthrough formulation blends full-strength, hemp-derived CBD Oil Concentrate, enriching Strawberry Seed Oil and Vitamins A, B & E to soothe, soften and repair lips.  Adrian says “being outside all of the time takes a toll on my lips, I love Nourish right before bed to restore and keep my lips smooth” 
  • AAAH Soothing Bath Bomb. Holiday or competitive stress?  Being the hostess with mostest or managing competition stress are much the same for the actives in our life.  Treat your active to an Aaah Soothing Bath Bomb.  Unwrap, unwind and unplug with Aaah Soothing CBD Bath Bomb.  Restore life’s balance and experience the ultimate in soothing tranquility. Each bath bomb is packed with full-spectrum CBD from Hemp and a powerful, relaxing combination of the best quality organic essential oils and ingredients. Plus enjoy 25% off and free Shipping.  

  • Relieve Plus Pain and Wellness Gel. Aches and inflammation can keep your active from living life the way they are meant to and performing at their best. Relieve Plus! CBD Wellness Gel provides fast-acting topical relief, healing support and soothing comfort.  Customers love to use this gel before to get muscles ready and after for soothing support post workout.  Pack some powerful thoughtfulness into your athlete’s stocking with Relieve Plus. 
  • Shine Body Scrub. Lifting weights, pull ups and kettlebells can leave your loved ones hands rough and sore?  Shine body scrub is welcome here.  Light mint to rejuvenate hands with plant powered anti-inflammatory ingredients and fine walnut shells to smooth skin and get those worked hands soft and restored.  

Show your athlete some love with these thoughtful stocking stuffers and be remembered and have a very happy athlete on your hand.