A Guide to CBD Bath Bombs with Highlights from Two Users  

CBD is enjoying its time in the spotlight right now, and its popularity has given rise to some great products that are effective for many.  Although CBD in food and treats have been the star of the show, CBD skin care products and CBD cosmetics have become the star of the moment.  This has created the opportunity for a brand-new complimentary addition to any wellness routine.

CBD cosmetics in the form of lotions, gels and oils infused with CBD have been appearing on the market, but CBD bath bombs are exploding in popularity.  Many have found that bath bombs are extremely effective at promoting relaxation and smooth skin, but like any personal care product – or CBD product for that matter – not all CBD bath bombs are created equal. 

At Madrigal Creatives, we carefully craft and offer both OOOH and AAAH CBD-infused bath bombs, each containing 100mg of full spectrum CBD and packed with luxurious essential oils specifically targeted for the effects of each bath bomb.  Each one can be used in a different way to create the perfect relaxing or recovery bath soak.  The OOOH Recovery Bath Bomb recipe is a powerful recovery bath blend of full-spectrum hemp-derived Cannabinoid Complex (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBV, CBDA, CBGA) offering optimal healing and wellness benefits.  Our unique CBD formula is so much more than just CBD bath salts or CBD Epsom salts — it contains a fast-acting combination of full-spectrum CBD plus best-quality organic essential oils and other beneficial ingredients selected for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties like Lavender, Camphor, Sweet Marjoram and more, developed to promote relaxation and a serious reboot.  Whereas, AAAH Soothing Bath Bomb also delivers fast-acting results from a unique blend of full-spectrum hemp-derived Cannabinoid Complex promoting a sense of overall calm, wellness and wholeness.  Our innovative formula contains a fast-acting combination of ultra-pure organic essential oils and other beneficial ingredients with the aim of helping you relax with our proprietary blend of ingredients including Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Marjoram and more

Why Use CBD Bath Bombs?

Upon first hearing about CBD bath bombs, you might think that it seems like an unusual product. But there is actually a lot of sense behind it.  Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants, including hemp.  Remember that CBD is non-psychoactive.  In layman’s terms, this means it does not get you high.  CBD, when consumed or applied, interacts with a biological system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  This system is incredibly important, tasked with maintaining balance throughout the body.   As such, it is tied to many important functions related to your health. CBD’s positive interaction with the ECS means that it can help you to maintain your general health and well being – including your skin.

But why bath bombs as opposed to using a CBD skin cream or taking CBD oil?

Hot baths have a number of benefits for both your mental and physical health and truly function as a recovery bath. They can improve blood flow, clear the sinuses, and encourage mental well-being by reducing stress and helping with sore muscles.  Add in high-quality CBD, and the effects are amplified.

Bath bombs are also an excellent way to improve any bath time experience.  Watching them effervesce as they release the aromatic scents of the essential oils, immediately notify your brain of the targeted effects and elevates bath time relaxation or recovery to a whole new level.

Here are insights from two people who have used CBD infused bath bombs to create the ultimate bath experience.

Angelica - CBD Bath Bombs for a Relaxing Bath

When Angelica decides to take a bath, it’s because she wants to enjoy the full CBD bath bomb benefits and wind down.  A mother of three and a full time airline worker, she welcomes getting off her feet and a little alone time.  It’s true that baths are incredibly relaxing, and some studies suggest that bathing in hot water can boost your serotonin levels, keeping you happy.

Angelica tried CBD bath bombs and was sure to let us know that she could not believe the relaxing benefits from a Madrigal Creatives bath bomb.  First, she reported feeling an overall sense of relaxation far greater than a typical bath.  In addition, she was struck by the resulting smooth skin.  Madrigal Creatives Bath Bombs are packed with coconut oil, and the hydration benefits to skin far exceed any cream or lotion application.  She felt soothed, calmed and experienced a tremendous sense of greater well-being.

Doug - Bath Bombs for Recovery and Reboot

There are several benefits of CBD for athletes, Doug, not typically a bath user, loves the OOOH Recovery Bath Bomb.  Being a Spartan racer, he is often in cold climates throughout the day and prides himself on taking his body to the max.  Post-race, he relishes the recovery benefits of OOOH CBD Bath Bomb and finds that the CBD fights inflammation and reduces muscle soreness.  He also appreciates the targeted relief he experiences from the essential oils specifically selected for their well-researched recovery benefits.  In addition, he reports the warm bath is always welcome.

What to Look for When Selecting a Bath Bomb

Users of CBD bath bombs really appreciate the CBD bath bomb benefits of recovery and relaxation.  If you are someone who regularly takes baths and enjoys the experience of a long soak, or someone new to CBD, then CBD bath bombs are a good way to get into using cannabidiol products and adding an additional element to your wellness routine.  

Due to the nature of how you use bath bombs, the quality of the ingredients is a critical factor in deciding which product to choose.  Many bath bombs have added artificial colors and fragrances which may cause adverse reactions.  Review the ingredients listing to ensure that all fragrances and colors are from natural sources.  Madrigal Creatives relies on high quality essential oils to provide fragrance.  In addition, full spectrum CBD is preferred.  Many bath bombs contain CBD isolate because it’s easier to produce bath bombs using isolated, versus full spectrum complex, CBD. However, CBD isolate doesn’t include the other important cannabinoids that have been shown to amplify the beneficial effects of CBD.  

CBD bath bombs are a great addition to a wellness routine and can deliver excellent results whether you are seeking relaxation or an athlete seeking the benefit of CBD for performance and recovery.   Buy CBD bath bombs today and ensure you are experiencing the benefits of living more.