4 Self Care Ideas to Practice Self Love (Complete with Action Steps to Practice Self Love)

Practicing self care is an action-oriented way that we can show ourselves self-love.  Practicing self care and self-love often just means extending the same respect and care you have for others to yourself.  Practicing self care includes activities that we do to keep us as our best selves.  Like caring for our mental, emotional and physical health. For many people, these concepts of self care and self-love can be new and compete against existing beliefs or teachings that prioritizing yourself or your needs is selfish and that you should focus your energies on other people.

Working self care into your routine with small, achievable steps will increase your self-kindness, self-love and your ability to be your best self.  

Here are 4 Self Care Ideas to Practice Self Love:

Put Yourself First

In our lives with our multiple competing obligations we can grow accustomed to putting others first. Although there’s a time and a place for this, it shouldn’t’ be a habit that costs you your mental or emotional well-being.

Find the time to decompress. Without decompressing and recharging you can put serious strain on yourself. Whether it’s spending the day in bed or a hot evening bath or outdoors in nature, find what helps you decompress and dedicate time to this.  

As we discuss in our article on Ultimate Bath Guide for Men - why Men Are Discovering the Benefits of a Good Soak there is a reason “baths are a major tenet of self-care:  they require you to place a singular focus on  Y-O-U. For some, and especially these days, this can be a hard concept to wrap your mind around.  But don’t forget that when your mind is relaxed and your body feels better, you will be restored and ready to take on more.  At Madrigal Creatives, this is what we call experiencing the benefits of Living More.” 

Another way to focus on you is to have a Spa Day.  Even if you cannot make it to the spa our article on 7 Easy Steps to Create an Ultimate Spa Day at Home + CBD Spa Treatment Ideas For Maximum Relaxing is full of ideas that will ensure you are putting yourself first.  

We obviously love the power of a bath at Madrigal Creatives as it is a private space where we can restore, reflect and relax and you have no choice but to put yourself first!  We believe that adding an OOOH or AAAH CBD Bath bomb to your bath is the ultimate gesture of self love.  

See Beauty in the Simple Things

Seeing the beauty in simple things is an essential component of Self Love and a great Self Care practice to support your self love.  Try to notice at least one beautiful, small thing around you every single day. Make note of it, and be grateful for it. Gratitude not only gives you perspective, it’s essential to help you practice self love.  In our article on New Ways to Practice Self Love for February and Beyond we talk about gratitude being a precursor to feelings of Self Love.  “When you practice Gratitude, the act of Self Love is natural. You begin to see the blessings around you, and this includes you!  When you see yourself as a blessing and you express gratitude you are likely to nourish your body with health.  

Speak Kind Words to Yourself

This is similar to the Self Love Practice as Putting Yourself First.  Speaking kind words to yourself is about recognizing things you are proud of and speaking kindly to yourself.  You’ve come so far and grown so much you deserve kindness.  In our article on Self Love Quotes and Self Love Affirmations and Why They are Important for You we discuss using self affirmations as a way to be kind to yourself.  “Positive affirmations have been used to successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression, and other mental health conditions. And they have been shown to stimulate the areas in our brains that make us more likely to affect positive changes in regard to our health.  Suggesting that a stronger sense of self-worth makes you more likely to improve your own well-being.”

In our article we have actionable steps and samples of how to create your own Self Love Affirmations as a practice of self love and self care.  Use Self Love Affirmations today to speak kindly to yourself.  

Get enough sleep

Sleep is an important self care practice that reflects how well we are practicing self love due the importance of sleep for our health and wellbeing.  I often find that when I’m super busy or stressed out that my sleep cycle takes the hit. When you have so many competing obligations, it can be easy to justify late nights and early mornings just so that you can squeeze everything in.  

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, and cutting into a good night sleep may seem like the only option. Sacrificing your sleep can quickly affect your mental and physical health. When you’re on your journey to self love, it’s important to upkeep your physical and mental health so that you have the time and the energy to work on your emotional health, and self-love. 

Getting enough sleep and good quality sleep is the foundation of all forms of health!  Creating a bedtime routine is a good first step towards improving the quantity and quality of your sleep.  In our bed time routine we have Calm Spray from Madrigal Creatives a water soluble spray you can add to your favorite nighttime tea with relaxing terpenes and CBD and Soothe Magnesium CBD Body Spray, Soothe replenishes lost magnesium, a cause of disrupted sleep patterns, and is packed with soothing organic essential oils to prepare mind and body for rest and rejuvenation.  Find out more about CBD and Sleep.  

An important part of your self love journey should be committing to trying new avenues for self care, and continuing to learn as these ideas advance. We can always learn to show ourselves more compassion and love with self care tools that will enable you to better take care of your mental, physical and emotional state.  Join us in our quest to experience the benefits of Living More with our products and merchandise specifically developed to support you on your self care journey.