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Unlike other CBD products offered online or at retail, ours are uniquely formulated by a biochemist to combine full-spectrum CBD and highest quality functional ingredients at active levels known for their powerful healing properties – in concentrate or water soluble form for optimal efficacy.

Ultra-Pure Ingredients

Our products are pure, natural and subject to minimal processing using the highest standards.  We use clean ingredients from best-in-class sources, and all products are manufactured in the USA.  No additives, chemicals or solvents.  GMO- and cruelty-free, non-psychoactive and guaranteed for quality, purity and safety.

Optimal Effectiveness

Experience optimal health by incorporating a healthy diet, proper rest and positive thinking. Madrigal Creative products contain all natural, plant-based extracts and essential oils you can trust to help achieve an overall sense of well-being. 






Discover the power of Full-Spectrum CBD.

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WOW! I have used a lot of CBD roll-ons to-date and none have been as pleasant, fast-acting, and effective as your product. I had a neck strain the other day and I decided to use the product since it just arrived in the mail.  After rolling on Relieve Plus! it took seconds to kick in and the pain was gone. I used it on my thumb this morning after I smashed it against the door. Again, the pain went away immediately. Truly remarkable! Kudos for making this product!

George N., Silicon Valley

“I was excited for my first Spartan Race after putting in months of training but was plagued with back issues that was causing me to cancel, I started regularly applying the muscle rub and completed my race, I am now a regular user of Madrigal Creatives products and just finished fourth in my second race.  Madrigal Creatives Products are now a part of my regular racing routine.” 

Doug B., Red Bluff

“I love to participate in running races but routinely struggle with muscle cramping which slows me and has resulted in my discontinuing races, which I hate.  I have added Madrigal body sprays to my routine, before, during and after my races, and the cramping has stopped during races and on my regular runs.  I also use the sprays on my upper back and shoulders to alleviate nagging tightness felt throughout my 8 hours plus working on a computer with great results.”

Helen D., Salinas

While searching for CBD products, I discovered your website. I took a chance and purchased your body scrub, Shine, and I just love it!  It leaves my skin so smooth and soft.  Thanks for the great product.

Donna S., Austin, TX

“After a really fun evening out with friends, I was not feeling the best, I had a hot bath with a CBD infused bath bomb and was feeling put back together and really relaxed.” 

Dylan B., Hollister, CA

I read about Nourish in my local newspaper.  Gave it a try, and I am completely amazed.  This is the best lip product I have ever used.  My lips were dry and peeling, and they healed up within a couple of days.  I'm a true believer!

Ann H., Dallas, TX

“I work outside all day every day, my wife suggested I use the scrub for my hands and arms, it worked to remove hard to remove dirt and grime and seemed to help my hands feel less cramped and sore.” 

Brad R., Indio, CA

“I routinely spray tan to avoid applying make-up daily.  Using a good body scrub is essential to getting an even tan and Madrigal Creatives scrub is now part of my routine, it leaves my skin silky soft completely smooth and feeling fresh with the hint of orange and peppermint.” 

Sheila H., Tres Pinos, CA

“I regularly recover after a long day of sports activities with a hot bath, the addition of a bath bomb to my routine further relaxed me and made me feel way more relaxed and ready for a great sleep than a traditional bath”

Heather L., Redwood City